October 2011

We’re proud to be mentioned in Hawaii Business Magazine‘s article, “Some Hawaii Pet Stores Don’t Sell Pets, But Offer Adoptions Instead”.

As many of you know, we’ve been passionate supporters of adopting or getting pets directly from responsible breeders since we opened our doors. As the first pet store in Hawai’i to take the Humane Society of the United States’ “Puppy Friendly Pet Store Pledge“, we’re so happy that the well-being and ethical treatment of pets is getting more and more attention in not just the pet care world, but the business and marketing world.


Source, HSUS

Says our store manager Joanna in the article:

“For us, it just ethically made sense not to sell animals at our store,” says Yeh, of Calvin & Susie, the first Hawaii pet store to sign the pledge. Two other Hawaii pet stores have taken the pledge: 55 Pawsh Place in Kapolei and Natural Pet Hawaii in Lihue.

“We feel pets are members of the family,” Yeh says, “and by not selling live animals, we hope this encourages people to adopt an animal from a shelter, or only buy animals directly from reputable breeders.”


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